Tijdschrift voor Informal Logic: nieuw nummer (5.9.10)

Vol 30, No 3 (2010)

Special Issue: Reasoning for Change

Table of Contents


Introduction: Reasoning for ChangeABSTRACT PDF
Phyllis Rooney, Catherine E. Hundleby
Philosophy, Adversarial Argumentation, and Embattled ReasonABSTRACT PDF
Phyllis Rooney
Verbal Sparring and Apologetic Points: Politeness in Gendered Argumentation ContextsABSTRACT PDF
Sylvia Burrow
Argumentative InjusticeABSTRACT PDF
Patrick Bondy
The Authority of the Fallacies Approach to Argument EvaluationABSTRACT PDF
Catherine Hundleby

Feminist Epistemologies of Situated Knowledges: Implications for Rhetorical ArgumentationABSTRACT PDF
James C. Lang