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Informal Logic

INFORMAL LOGIC is a peer reviewed journal publishing articles and reviews on topics related to reasoning and argumentation in theory and practice. It is deliberately multi-disciplinary, welcoming theoretical and empirical research from any pertinent field, including, but not restricted to, philosophy, rhetoric, communication, linguistics, psychology, artificial intelligence, education, law.

Vol 32, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: JONATHAN ADLER 1949 – 2012PDF
J. Anthony Blair, Ralph H. Johnson, Hans V. Hansen, Christopher W. Tindale160


Logic and Parables: Do These Narratives Provide Arguments?PDF
Trudy Govier, Lowell Ayers161-189
Story Similarity in Arguments from AnalogyPDF
Douglas Walton190-218
The Ethics of ArgumentationPDF
Vasco Correia219-238
Critical Thinking in Moral Argumentation Contexts: A Virtue Ethical ApproachPDF PDF
Michelle Ciurria239-255


Some Clarifications about the Argumentative Theory of Reasoning. A Reply to Santibáñez Yañez (2012).PDF
Hugo Mercier256-265
Pragma-Dialetics Epistemologized: Reply to LumerPDF
David Botting266-282